Benefits of working with us

We look after the administration, compliance and investment management of running your portfolios, giving you more time to organise your client bank, reducing your risk of client complaints and increasing your value.

Managing client portfolios is all about ATR (Average True Range). When a client agrees their attitude to risk, they expect their investment to perform within a defined volatility range.

  • We manage portfolios to the specific volatility targets that define a client’s ATR
  • We mitigate and manage risk
  • We manage administration
  • We manage compliance
  • We provide institutional quality risk management
  • Our interests are aligned with you and your client

We use a research driven investment process. This combines quantitative, qualitative and operational due diligence across the fund management sector.

We manage the ACUMEN Portfolios within prescribed asset allocation ranges and we are mindful of volatility versus the benchmark. This ensures strict adherence to the criteria set by the Titan Asset Management Investment Committee.


Our integrated solutions provide security that all investment recommendations remain aligned with your client’s ATR profile, providing a safety net to your business and helping reduce the risk of future client complaints.

Currency hedging

We use FX forwards, sheltering your clients from inappropriate levels of volatility and preventing detrimental impact on their portfolio returns.


We use sophisticated world class risk management software and technology providing your clients with access to institutional quality risk management.

Our innovative and integrated approach to help evaluate, build and manage portfolios.


Deliver strong investment performance whilst only ever subjecting clients to the appropriate level of risk. Providing your clients with stable risk and strong returns whilst avoiding any nasty surprises.


Complete portfolio service removing administration, compliance and investment management burdens. Designed to lower your costs and increase your profits.


All of the above with your name above the door. Take advantage of our white-labelled model portfolio service and transform your business into a modern-day wealth manager.

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