A modular approach to drive your business

Our Client to Custody financial services model allows our clients to interact with us and use the products and services they require and benefit from the ongoing support we provide you to assist your customers. This modular approach allows clients to use as many or as few of our services as their business requires.

Although we are an established business, we continue to invest in our people and our platform to deliver an attractive, highly-scalable and low-cost proposition to Independent Financial Advisers [IFAs], Discretionary Fund Managers [DFMs] and their clients.  We retain a dynamic approach to business and an agility to move quickly and innovate when the opportunity arises or is required.




Our highly experienced team provide a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing:

Centralised Investment Proposition

The Titan Asset Management Centralised Investment Proposition allows clients to choose between a managed funds range, an MPS offering or, for strategic partners a bespoke MPS solution. The ACUMEN Funds that form part of our proposition are both award winning and demonstrate a strong and consistent track record of performance since the current team adjusted the funds in June 2020.

The investment process is grounded in fundamental economic research and the application of qualitative and quantitative analysis following a top-down global macro investment approach whilst investing in ETFs, third-party mutual funds and currency derivatives

There are four investment pillars covering:

  1. Model portfolios and fund solutions
  2. Active and passive investment management
  3. ESG
  4. Direct Equities

Our approach and breadth of offering allows advisers to select based on

  • End client investment risk profiles
  • Different performance outlook and tax treatment (funds trades exempt of CGT)
  • Lower-cost, MPS – more passively managed
  • Higher-cost, Funds – more actively managed

Strategic partnerships

Our strategic partners benefit from the ability to work with Titan Asset Management and Cardale Asset Management to develop truly bespoke MPS solutions.

Actively Managed ETFs

We have an established track record of managing a range of ETF based funds. The ACUMEN Funds consist of six solutions risk rated 3-8.


We manage three Funds covering three distinct approaches to risk – Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous.

International MPS

Our international experience has allowed us to develop a range of MPS for international markets. Based on our core UK MPS solutions, we can tailor the international solution to meet specific requirements.

Tax advantaged products

Haibun Wealth was established to meet clients’ increasing demand for customised portfolio diversification and tax efficient investments. They source good risk adjusted returns across a range of assets and structures such as VCTs, EIS investments, hedge funds, property funds and private equity.

Bespoke and model based direct equity portfolios

Titan Private Wealth is a discretionary investment manager that manages direct equity portfolios on a bespoke basis. This is an increasingly rare skill and has led to consistent outperformance and lower total costs for clients. A ‘bottom up’ approach driven by in depth research into individual stocks has resulted in better results than investing in a ‘broad baskets’ of equities.

Model Portfolio Service

The MPS range comprises of 32 solutions made up of Passive, Active and Sustainable  MPS along with Titan Select, an MPS which combines the best of Titan Asset Management’s funds and MPS range. In addition, we have a range of five MPS solutions exclusively available on the Titan Wealth Solutions platform. The investment process is grounded in fundamental economic research and the application of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The investments incorporate a range of low-cost tracker funds, ETFs and third-party funds.

Integrated platform

The Titan Wealth Solutions Platform is a state-of-the-art, cloud based, integrated platform delivering an end-to-end solution supporting advisory and discretionary business models.

Using state-of-the-art technology and APIs to ensure third party connectivity, the brand new, white labelled platform uses a flexible, modular, digital architecture allowing our clients to choose the services they require and enabling them to build a truly bespoke and scalable platform.

Meet the team

The team are all experienced financial services professionals who understand your challenges and who will work with you to deliver the solution that meets your business objectives.

Mark Livesey

Head of Sales

John Leiper

Chief Investment Officer, Titan Asset Management

Jimmy Crewe

Head of Investment Management, Cardale Asset Management

Matthew Cureton

Partner, Haibun Wealth

Peter Doherty

Head of Fixed Income, Titan Investment Solutions

Scott Dakers

Business Development Director, Square Mile

John Lester

Business Development Director, Square Mile

Maria Mealing

Business Development Director, Square Mile


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