Titan Wealth funds annual MyLondon photography contest to support the homeless

GPP part of the  Titan Wealth Holdings group has provided funding for the annual ‘MyLondon’ project, which aims to empower those who are and have recently been made homeless.

GPP has provided the funding for prizes for the MyLondon photography competition, which has run every Summer in London for the past decade. The 2023 event took place between Friday 26 May and Friday 2 June, with awards including best portrait and most creative photo. Participants in the contest have all recently become homeless; coming mainly from art groups run by homelessness-sector organisations, including Crisis, St Mungo’s and 240 Project.

The MyLondon project also involves photography training, an exhibition, and the printing and selling of calendars, greeting cards, and photographs. The initiative aims to inspire people affected by homelessness in London to create lasting change in their own lives through confidence building, learning new skills and social inclusion. It also seeks to increase understanding of the issues surrounding homelessness in a positive way.

MyLondon is run by Café Art – a London-based charity with a mission to change lives and empower people affected by homelessness through creativity and entrepreneurship. Titan Wealth contacted Cafe Art to rent paintings and MYLONDON photos to decorate their recently expanded office in London. The rental scheme supports artists and photographers who are and have been homeless. By supporting these people Titan Wealth is helping us help people reconnect with the wider community and also to help them financially.

Find out more about Café Art – www.cafeart.org.uk/mylondon

Julian Parker, Chairman, GPP, said: “MyLondon is a fantastic initiative, which empowers people affected by homelessness in London by providing them with a safe and sociable environment where they can express themselves through art. As a business, we are extremely passionate about charitable initiatives that are driving positive change in creative ways. We are committed to supporting charitable initiatives like MyLondon project, as the business continue to grow. .”Paul Ryan, at MyLondon, said: ‘’By helping Cafe Art and MYLONDON through supporting the 2023 MYLONDON project, which results in the 2024 MYLONDON calendar, Titan Wealth/GPP is making a real difference in a constructive and positive way’’

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