Titan Alternatives, in partnership with Fuel Ventures, launches £50m Fuel Ventures VCT fund

Titan Alternatives, in partnership with Fuel Ventures, has launched a £50m VCT fundraise to be listed on the London Stock Exchange with Titan Alternatives acting as the main promoter.

The VCT will focus on investing in top-performing portfolio companies, often co-investing with Fuel Ventures’ existing EIS funds. It will offer investors a diverse portfolio, targeting 30 investments in the first 3 years. Whilst Titan Alternatives have been intrinsically involved in the introduction of significant capital to a number of VCTs since 2005, it is the first time we have been named as the main promoter of a VCT within a prospectus.

Titan Alternatives will be acting as Promoter under the terms set out in the Offer Agreement – the first product launch since rebranding. The Fuel Ventures VCT offer is for subscription for up to £10 million of ordinary shares with an over-allotment facility for up to a further £40 million of ordinary shares.

Titan Alternatives, which provides investment solutions through VCTs, EISs, Hedge Funds and PE was acquired by Titan Wealth in 2022 and rebranded in November 2023 to bring it in line with the Titan group brand architecture. Providing personalised portfolio diversification and tax-efficient investment solutions to high net worth, sophisticated and elective professional investors, the team have built a strong reputation for gaining access to often exclusive and wide-ranging opportunities, outside of those offered by mainstream wealth management firms.

Titan Alternatives’ clients have invested over £650 million across a diverse range of investments and strategies. With a rich history and wide-ranging experience within the VCT sector encompassing Titan Alternatives’ development and the introduction of significant capital, the firm has facilitated approximately £80 million of investment into VCT offers to date.

Fuel Ventures Ltd is led by entrepreneur Mark Pearson who successfully exited several businesses including MyVoucherCodes and Paddle, a UK company now valued at $1.4bn. He is supported by a team of 23 people who have sourced, scaled and exited multiple businesses together.

Please find the Prospectus here.

Matthew Cureton, Co-Founder & MD of Titan Alternatives said  “Since 2005 we have gained experience of working with and introducing capital to various VCT managers covering a range of different mandates and sectors. Now, for the first time since our inception we are excited to take the role as a Promoter for the Fuel Ventures VCT following our positive experiences of working with Mark Pearson and his team at Fuel Ventures over a number of years within their EIS portfolios. We believe this VCT offers investors an opportunity to participate in a diversified group of tech-enabled companies benefiting from the knowledge and support of Fuel Ventures in their journey to achieving significant scale.”

Stan Williams, Partner of Fuel Ventures said “The Fuel Ventures VCT is an important addition to our investment strategy, giving us the opportunity to back our winning companies as they scale, throughout the year. We have ambitious plans for the VCT to become a £100m+ fund. We are thrilled that Titan Alternatives, a long-term partner, has chosen to act as the main promoter, showing their support for this new launch.”

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